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Praveen Dilliwala

About Praveen

  • Praveen Baid aka Yotube name Praveen Dilliwala is software developer, Digital Marketing Expert and Digital Entrepreneur
  • He also worked in top MNC’s of the world like Tata, IBM Group prior coming to Digital Marketing field
  • He is also into his family business which is of garments type.
  • After working as software consultant in top MNC’s he started working online in different domains such as Ecommerce, Dropshipping , Affiliate Marketing etc.
  • In 2017 he started his Youtube channel to spread the same knowledge which he learned online to the people , Today his channel is one of the leading Educational and Business Channel in India.
  • His motto is to teach Digital Marketing to the People who wants to earn money online in a very simple way so that anyone could understand and start earning from Internet.

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